The Lucky One.

I’ve never seen the point in 4/20.
I mean, I don’t have anything against people
who smoke weed. It’s just part of life. But
I’ve never understood why April 20th has
to be a bigger deal than any other day.
If you wanna smoke weed, you’re gonna
do it any day, everyday, any fucking time you
wanna. Trust me.
4/20 just seems like a lame excuse.

But I guess that didn’t really matter anymore
once we were standing under streetlights at
midnight and my hands were in your hoodie pocket,
playing with your cigarettes because I guess I
was feeling a little nervous. It didn’t matter
anymore when I felt your lips against mine and
you tasted like weed and you smelled like
weed and it reminded me of hot summer nights,
light reflecting off the water. Maybe it didn’t
really matter anymore because it never did.

 I’m never going to get tired of walking the
streets of Tunkhannock at the earliest hours
of morning with the people who matter most. 

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Saturday Apr 4 @ 03:01pm
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  1. xnotplasticorglassx said: xTOWNERx FUCK 4/20 WEED IS GAY AND EDGE LYFE RULLEZ D00D. FUCK IT ALL YEAH. BESTIES. lolz
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