The Sweetest Place on Earth.

I haven’t had more than five hours of sleep
in two weeks
and my eyes haven’t been opened all the way
in three
and I’m starting to think that everything
that’s happened in the past month
has been a dream. Or maybe I’m just hoping it
has been.

I’d rather be anywhere but here,
but when I was gone, I was saying the same
thing. I wanna be back in 323, knowing that
324 and 326 were ours, too.

I left with a bloody knee and came home
with a scabbed over heart where the old
one used to be. I think I thought that would
change something; anything. I also came back
with too many blisters on my feet from wearing
dress shoes.
I’ve never believed in the business world.

I’ve been crying too often and too much
and I don’t know how to make it go away.
Feelings suck and I liked me better when I pushed them away.

But I guess if I still did that
I’d never be able to be giving you
this chance
that I know we both deserve.
And need. 

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Wednesday Apr 4 @ 02:49pm
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