Today was that kind of Monday
where you forget that it’s Monday
and by the time that you remember,
Monday’s halfway over.
To me that’s a successful Monday.

My grades are awesome right now
and I don’t know why I’m not
considering being a rocket scientist.
Lindsay spontaneously texted me
and told me she has to get Eric
from school today and she wants
to see me &drive me home. We ran
into each other’s arms in the Band Lot.
It caused people to stare and I
wouldn’t be surprised if it brought
tears to their eyes.
Jealous Fuckers.

After dropping Zach off at his home,
we drove down 29 towards my house
and talked the entire time about what
happens between those four purple
walls on Wednesday nights and
early Saturday mornings.

I got home and plopped myself down
on my bed, opened my laptop, and
all of a sudden I got this burst of something
I haven’t felt in
too long.
I spent the afternoon creating and, in
a way, building, and writing and smiling.
I think that girl does this to me.

I hope tomorrow is the kind of Tuesday
that makes Friday come faster.
Devin’s calling me and I usually never
answer my phone but since he’s
cute and everything
I will. 

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Monday Feb 2 @ 09:10pm
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